Mominpur Polyclinic & Diagnostics was founded in 2019 with the objective to provide a one stop solution to the patients where they get consultation, diagnostics and medicines all under the same roof.

We at Mominpur Polyclinic & Diagnostics LLP aim to provide industry leading healthcare at affordable prices.

Mominpur Polyclinic & Diagnostics LLP has 3 modern and well-furnished doctors’ chambers along with a well-designed and decorated waiting room that can accommodate around 30 patients at any point of time.

At our center, doctors of various specialties like dermatology, gynaecology, diabetology and general physicians’ practice on a daily basis. As a part of our contribution towards the society, we do not charge patients extra, over and above the doctor’s fee.

We are also looking for renowned doctors to practice at our ergonomically designed center and have partnered with some of the best organizations to run the pathology so that we can provide our doctors with the most accurate reports for the right diagnosis.

Please visit our center to know more about the offers on blood tests and more!


1st floor, 2L, Meher Ali Mondal Street. Kolkata - 700027


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