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Founder's Note

Welcome to The Hajra Group

It has been a wonderful journey spanning over 5 decades. We started small with a capital of ₹ 8,000/- back in the year 1968. Over the years our business has grown along with the love and support of all our clients, customers and our vendors.

Here at The Hajra Group, our focus is on one prime factor: Service! Exceptional service is the single most important objective that we strive to achieve. By service, we mean service to our esteemed clients as well as our end customers. Even during the COVID-19 lockdown and AAMPHAN cyclone in West Bengal, we have ensured that all medicines reach the distributors at the right time so that the end consumers do not get affected due to unavailability of medicines during these difficult times.
We ensured that all our key employees are picked up from their respective homes to ensure that we maintain our service levels when most in our industry could not.

From an employee strength of 3 members, today our group consists of over 150 members making it a very big and happy family. With the wishes, love and support of all our associates, we wish to make this family even bigger and more prosperous.

It may have taken us over 50 years to reach where we are today, but we hope that in the years to come, we grow in long strides.


Comprehensive Medical Services

Your one stop solution to all your pharmaceutical needs - Wholesale, Retail and Diagnostics.